Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kuwait Food is back!

Hello everyone,
Sorry for being away for a long time now. The thing is I've been really busy with my work and more importantly I HAVE BEEN ON A DIET hahaha...I have been gaining a lot of weight since i started this blog. I became more obsessed about food and restaurants ...So I thought if i get back to my blog i'd ruin my diet easily and the fact that i was really busy and didn't get out much made me not want to write about things that might not interest my readers.
Thanks for keeping in touch and I appreciate your lovely comments.
You can always talk to me via my email or perhaps you could send some photos of your experience in restaurants in or out Kuwait and I will be posting them under your name..Sounds nice?

I will be back with more interesting topics soon but this time with a healthier version that includes more salads and grills "hopefully" :)