Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The pizza burger at Burger King

Burger king's new idea of a burger that looks like a pizza with six pieces! It is only in New York now and i hope they bring it to Kuwait too! shaklha 3ajeb ;p check it out HERE

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lorenzo Avenues

Aren't we just sick of cheesecakes everywhere! How about I tell you about some dessert that you people should really try. It is called Date Cobbler and you can find it in Lorenzo cafe. It is actually date layers with some think batter and vanilla ice-cream. It's served hot and it's really delicious. My friend is not a big fan of dates and when she tried this dessert we ended up fighting for the last bite ;p

too sweet though .. I recommend you have it with cappuccino or some bitter hot drink. YUMMY! :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Yo Sushi

Menu: colored circles for each plate's price
أسعار الأطباق على حسب لون الطبق

اليوم رحت يو سوشي في 360 مول واشرحت لنا المضيفة طريقة الطلب واهي عبارة عن أطباق ملونه وكل لون له سعر وممكن الطلب
يكون عن طريق المنيو وغالبا أطباق حارة أو عن طريق الأطباق اللي تدور بجانب كل طاولة مثل الفيديو

عموما انا طلبت هامور كاتسو وهو عباره عن راب داخلة هامور مقلي مقطع و افوكادو وصلصه ورز وصج كان روعه ولذيذ وخفيف
عقبها قمنا نجرب كذا طبق من اللي يدورون يمنا وخذينا سوشي نوعين أو ثلاث بس المشكلة ان مافيه تعريف حق شنو نوع السوشي ولا كاتبين علية شي يبين مكوناته

أسعارهم ممتازه كل اللي طلبناة طلع اب 6:600
جو المطعم وايد حلو و الخدمة ممتازه

Hamour katsu 1:700 kd

Nice n neat atmosphere..

Golden Roll 1:500
Prawn Avocado roll 1:500 kd

Califor Roll 1:300 kd

Serve yourself here ;p

Help button ;p just press and a waiter will come help you! COOL

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Water Lemon Marina Mall

Athkr awal ma feta7 hal restaurant mn chm sina eb Marina Mall kan za7ma 3alih o elnas yan6roon bl sa3aat 3ashan y7a9loon krsi ..I dunno if it was their food or something else ;p

Few days ago knt eb Marina Mall and en9damt enna WATER LEMON IS CLOSED and PINKBERRY will be in its place instead!! affa wala hehe

3ad tethakart ene knt mtghadya feeh gbl la yskr o 9awart 6b3n o bawareekm el9owar lana 9ara7a akla 9ayer latheeth 7safa tesakar... bs mawjood eb Avenues o Alraya we're safe :E lana 3ndhm drink mo 6abeeee3eeee lazm tjrbona esma pineapple freeze!! so cold and refreshing.

Awal shy ya36on appetizers..white cheese m3a hot bread i love it!

Chicken sandwich with side salad like with all their sandwiches...the sauce is nice and i must say..elsandwich 7dha HUGE but tastes great according to my friend.

My order kan club sandwich ..its really BIG o kan warana movie so est3ylna bl akil o i ate half of it and i was full.

Hatha el3a9eer Yummmy! I hope they don't close the rest of the branches ;(

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sakura Restaurant Buffet

Based on a friend's insistence and recommendation I decided to give Sakura restaurant a try. It is located in Crown Plaza Hotel in Farwaniya. It was a little crowded and we decided to sit on the bar in the middle where I can get to see the chef cook noodles.

The buffet was really well designed. It was more like a sushi heaven to me. We started with the Salad it is basically a mix of greens with crab and some sauces on the side. We went through the buffet and picked up different kinds of sushi and fried tempura. I loved the sauces on top of some sushi rolls. I also had beef tereyaki and loved it too although i wasn't so hungry but i really wanet to taste it.

They offer different kinds of drinks and I thought why not try this bluish icy one.. am not sure of the name!

The food was hot and great. The staff were friendly and smiling all the time. The price was confidential because my friend refused to let me pay! ;p
I will sure give it another visit.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baskin Robbin's silly cake designs

Laish Baskin Robbins cakes look aweful? athkr gabil kan kaik-hm eywanis .. LOTSA colors and happy faces..remember?

now its just like an old lady's curtains... I like the funky designs they used to display before.. all i see now is cakes with different shades of brown! they look homemade to me..

I heard something about Baskin Robbin's teaming up with Hershey's chocolate..perhaps it has something to do with it hmmmmmm any idea?

but i must admit that they still taste good :D yet they should work harder on the cake designs ..after all we eat with our eyes first..right? ;p

they call them elegant desserts hehe ironic ;p but the special occasion cakes are still not bad to me.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cafe Blanc

I used to go to Chocolate bar Marina Mall and look at this restaurant right next to it "Cafe Blanc"
I was not interested in trying it for some reason i don't really know ;p

The other day i went to Avenues phase 2 and there it was on a really nice location outside next to that big fountain. My friend told me how much it was delicious and i decided to give it a try.

It is the world cup season so they had this theme everywhere which was nice. We ordered Fatoosh Salad and it was really nice just like Villa Fayrouz a little bit. we also had the spicy herb potatoes which i loved. What i didn't like was the Arayes..not good at all. The Sheesh Taouq however came wrapped in Lebanese bread and it was pretty good. I would definitely go again :)

They have a small corner there where they actually sell stuff like unique tea boxes and some weird shesha lookin... They also sell the waiters costumes! that overall jeans it was cool. Also, the price was good it was around 14 k.d and the service was excellent!