Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baskin Robbin's silly cake designs

Laish Baskin Robbins cakes look aweful? athkr gabil kan kaik-hm eywanis .. LOTSA colors and happy faces..remember?

now its just like an old lady's curtains... I like the funky designs they used to display before.. all i see now is cakes with different shades of brown! they look homemade to me..

I heard something about Baskin Robbin's teaming up with Hershey's chocolate..perhaps it has something to do with it hmmmmmm any idea?

but i must admit that they still taste good :D yet they should work harder on the cake designs ..after all we eat with our eyes first..right? ;p

they call them elegant desserts hehe ironic ;p but the special occasion cakes are still not bad to me.

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