Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baskin Robbin's silly cake designs

Laish Baskin Robbins cakes look aweful? athkr gabil kan kaik-hm eywanis .. LOTSA colors and happy faces..remember?

now its just like an old lady's curtains... I like the funky designs they used to display before.. all i see now is cakes with different shades of brown! they look homemade to me..

I heard something about Baskin Robbin's teaming up with Hershey's chocolate..perhaps it has something to do with it hmmmmmm any idea?

but i must admit that they still taste good :D yet they should work harder on the cake designs ..after all we eat with our eyes first..right? ;p

they call them elegant desserts hehe ironic ;p but the special occasion cakes are still not bad to me.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cafe Blanc

I used to go to Chocolate bar Marina Mall and look at this restaurant right next to it "Cafe Blanc"
I was not interested in trying it for some reason i don't really know ;p

The other day i went to Avenues phase 2 and there it was on a really nice location outside next to that big fountain. My friend told me how much it was delicious and i decided to give it a try.

It is the world cup season so they had this theme everywhere which was nice. We ordered Fatoosh Salad and it was really nice just like Villa Fayrouz a little bit. we also had the spicy herb potatoes which i loved. What i didn't like was the Arayes..not good at all. The Sheesh Taouq however came wrapped in Lebanese bread and it was pretty good. I would definitely go again :)

They have a small corner there where they actually sell stuff like unique tea boxes and some weird shesha lookin... They also sell the waiters costumes! that overall jeans it was cool. Also, the price was good it was around 14 k.d and the service was excellent!