Friday, June 18, 2010


O ana a7ooos eb Google shft hal 9ora bil images o mo maktob yamha shy! madri shno hatha bs shakla 7loooooooooooooO ma tdron shno hatha? please gollooow :p shakla 5dod banat mlwan...

e7m.. a5af 9aboon? ;p

Friday, June 11, 2010

عصير مروج

صارلي فتره أروح أطلب هالعصيراسمه مروج من جمعية الفيحا أو كيفان من توب جوس وجربته مره وقمت أروح كل مره اخذه حده لذيذ جربوه اذا تحبون بس شوي ثقيل مثل الميلك شيك فيه كرز وبرتقال وايس كريم فانيليا ونسيت شنو بعد اذا رحتو قولولي
أنا كله أخذ الحجم الكبير
بس لازم ينشرب بااارد

Friday, June 4, 2010

Yup am Back! - Johhny Rockets

Hey there my friends.. It's been a long time indeed..
I have been really busy and I get to be moody a lot so I just couldn't find the time to post new things and sorry for that.. BUT! I really do miss you all and miss posting YUMMY food pics! I've been to many restaurants in Kuwait and I must say I can't stop loving them all :]

Here is what i had in the last few months at JOHNNY ROCKETS! some for breakfast and some lunch and some for dinner.

btw I can't promise to be here constantly but am sure gonna try my best. Thanks all for all your emails and support and am really glad you are sharing this with me!

Random Pics! here we go..#12 half for me and half for ma friend :) messy i know!

Chicken Tenders..with buffallo sauce

Float! it's coke with vanilla ice-cream! 7da 3ajeeb

For breakfast..WOW ha?
That's what I call Mass Murder :p

Smile! you're in my BLOG :E yum yum