Saturday, August 27, 2011

Navy's Cupcakes

My friend Navy came today and dropped a "BOMB".. well not really a bomb but those yummy cupcakes devastate me haha!

It was hot outside and it kinda melted and she thought they were sloppy but still looks good to me! NAVY's rainbow cupcakes wohooo..

Btw I didn't know they sell those cute tiny toppings in Kuwait!
Right now am trying to end this post so fast to finish eatin em all so don't mind my "sloppy" post :p

I always thought cupcakes look good but tasteless ..MY THEORY IS PROVEN WRONG WAHAHA

Time to "dive" in Navy's cupcakes :D

Friday, August 26, 2011

SWAAAA7 Thabaaa7

LOL I know the title is a lil weird but am kinda hungry now and lookin at my food photos from sawaa7 made me go nuts!

I remember goin there with my mom and I had a delicious meal. It's in Avenues in food court and got this fabulous decoration i really loved. Serves really good Lebanese food with great taste and hospitality. I remember the first time i went there it was just opened and we had a "free" meal there!

The prices are good though and really worth it :) It's not the best in Kuwait but it's one of the best though.

I think the best french coffees are made by Lebanese restaurants!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


أذّن؟؟ الأكل يشوق يلااااا متى نفطر

Friday, July 29, 2011

Let's Burger

مطعم ليتس برجر في 360 في الطابق الثالث بجانب صالة البولينج ..مطعم أمريكي متخصص بالبرجر عجبني شرح والخدمة ممتازة والاكل لذيذ وكمية كبيرة طلبنا شوربة اليوم وسألت المضيف قالي ان كل يوم عندهم نوع من الشوربة وحظي كان شوربة البطاط بالكريمة وعقبها طلبت مقبلات "من كل شي شوي" فيها مكعبات الموزاريلا ودجاج تندر وبطاط حلزوني وكاساديا الدجاج وخبز بالثوم لذيذ احلا شي فيهم! مع صلصات مختلفة وطلبنا سلطة يونانية هم لذيذه حبيت الصلصة والجبن الأبيض

الطبق الرئيسي كان برجر الدجاج وعجبني وايد ورفيجتي طلبت كلوب ساندويش أما الحلو فكان مارس تشيزكيك الصراحه عجيب وخفيف وبارد وكريمي

بالأخير قهوة أمريكية وحليب ..عجبني الكوب بشوف المره الياية اذا يبيعون منه


Wednesday, July 20, 2011 NEW website design

Lovely new design for really more appealing and not so complicated. KEEP up the good job 6alabat!

Shake Shack

Shake shack ... been there couple of times.. Tried the SHACK burger and the Cheeseburger.

The food looks good but tastes average. The burger is good but didn't like the fries a lot.
Atmosphere is great. Lines go fast. Service is excellent. Music so noisy though.

Must try that frozen thing they sell but lining up again in the queue for just dessert and lookin for a table to sit all over again is just not worth it ha? Thought of ordering it with the meal but it will melt by the end of finishing up.

More reviews comin about this restaurant cuz I haven't really quiet made my mind about it.

Second day opening at around 11.30 to 12 ...who eats burger at that time ha?

Am melting too

Global Warming looks delicious! :E

I have been on a diet ...NOT

Well, Probably there is no one followin my blog anymore since am on and off a lot.. but am back anyway. I've been on a diet but it was a big FAIL so what the hell am back :)