Friday, August 26, 2011

SWAAAA7 Thabaaa7

LOL I know the title is a lil weird but am kinda hungry now and lookin at my food photos from sawaa7 made me go nuts!

I remember goin there with my mom and I had a delicious meal. It's in Avenues in food court and got this fabulous decoration i really loved. Serves really good Lebanese food with great taste and hospitality. I remember the first time i went there it was just opened and we had a "free" meal there!

The prices are good though and really worth it :) It's not the best in Kuwait but it's one of the best though.

I think the best french coffees are made by Lebanese restaurants!


  1. i'm a chinese girl live in kuwait,and my english is not good enough to follow people here. your blog is the best thing i found during these days.haha.i will try the food which you think is great.haha!if you know where i can have the good chinese food should be better for me.haha! wish you happy every day.

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